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8/3/07 01:56 pm - Hattrick

My hattrick season went even worse than I expected it to. I finished in eighth place with a -41 goal differential. I now once again find myself in a division V this time V.247 and once again I blew the first game of the season. I have changed training to set pieces thought with the recent changes to training this is no longer as lucrative as it would have been. It does still allow me to field a good team while improving my players. I have sold the three winger trainers I no longer wanted to keep and bought a 31 year old extra-terrestrial playmaker to shore up my midfield. I should make a good cup run this season, win the rest of the games in my series, and get a lot of really good set piece players. Next season I should be in division IV again far more ready to face it than I was the last two times.

6/14/07 07:54 am - Big Love

The first episode of season two was great. It more than made up for the terrible final scene well really the final three seasons of the sopranos.Speaking of which I figured out why the series ended by going to a black screen suddenly. David Chase is a no talent hack. Back to big love. There is no other show on today that can be so interesting when so little is actually happening. I suggest that anyone who has yet to see this show should check it out.

6/13/07 09:49 am - Arby's

For the past two months I have been an assistant manger of the Newton and the EL Dorado stores. This was not fun. Not only is it a 30 minute drive to Newton and a 45 minute drive to El Dorado it is very hard to shuffle between two stores and not really belong to either one. I am now back at North Rock and I hope I can stay there for a while. Also in Arby's news we are rolling out the toasted subs everywhere soon. I have yet to have one but I hear that they are great. The other big changes are we say bye to Homestyle fries soon and we have already said bye to Sobe Lean and Code Red. To replace Sobe Lean we are getting Sobe Enegry and I have no idea how it will taste.

3/19/07 07:40 am - Hattrick

Well my first turbulent season of winger training has come to an end. I ended up in fifth and won my qualifier 4-0. My series added two more goods teams so next season could get rough. There is not much I can do though because I will need at least one more season and a half to get what I want which is at least two extra-terrestrial wingers and the goal is the most important one to me. If I drop down to V then I drop down to V once my winger training is done I will get to III in two season I am almost positive of that. My other goal is to get my Forwards raised in winger skill but I have no set limit for them it will just be where they are at when I get two players to be ET's. Right now my Titanic Scorer is at solid Winger while my magnificent scorer is at formidable winger. So I am hoping to get them to formidiable and brilliant in winger at least.

3/14/07 06:34 pm - Job

For over a week now since I have been at the Arby's at North Rock. Yesterday I closed by myself for the first time. I think that it went well. Being a manager is not really that hard. I think I am going to be a decent one. North rock is an odd store. It does a lot of business at lunch and is close to dead outside of lunch. On top of that it currently has a crew shortage. Which was made worse recently because since I have been there two crew members and a manager have quit. This store also runs its front line in a different manner from other Arby's but it was still easy to et a handle of it.

1/30/07 04:43 am - Job

Hey everyone. I started a new job on Monday as a manager for Arby’s. I am in the training program and will not become an actually manager till I pass the tests associated with the program, which should not be to hard for me. For the next five weeks I will be driving to EL Dorado after which I will be placed in a Wichita store. The drive takes about 45 minutes from my house which is a slight drag but not to bad. I think I will enjoy doing this for a while. Being a manager will be a good experience for me. I wonder what store I will end up at.

1/24/07 09:19 pm - Job

Tuesday was the last day I worked at the Remote encoding Center. The last year of my life has gone into this job. It was never my favorite but it paid well ($12.30 an hour). I was let go because I maid to many errors which makes sense because I have never been any good at typing (it is a miracle that I passed the required typing tests for this job). I am not sure what I am going to take from this job. Thought I did get better I am still bad at typing and I doubt I will ever do this type of job again. Oh well maybe I can take nothing from this job other than the money I was paid and really I do not need to take more than that.

In other job news I will be going back to Arby’s as a manager. On Money at 8:00 I will begin my training at the El Dorado store. My training will last for 6 weeks and then I will be placed in a Wichita or a Derby store. My pay will be $9.00 which is not as much but I will be getting more hours so I should end up okay. My job will also be not as tedious, it will have more downtime, and I will be better at it so I will enjoy this job more.

1/23/07 11:06 am - Facebook

I recently joined face book to reconnect with old friends. A great side benefit of joining face book is that it could lead more people to my Journal where they can read my thoughts and I would not feel that my writings were going to waste. I already have two people who have commented on my journal which means I have doubled my readership already. I think this could really work out well for me. I may even decided to start writing game reviews again.

1/21/07 09:28 pm - NFL

I am very happy that the Colts won. Not because I like the Colts though I do have great respect for Peyton Manning. Nor is it because I dislike the Patriots I think they are a great hardworking team. No It is because almost to a person New England fans are the most arrogant hate filled jerks I have ever met and I do not want to listen to them gloat ever again. I can not root for any team who’s winning would make a New England fan happy.

As for the Bears that was a great win. I do not think they stand a chance against the Colts but they still that was a huge win. so we have a Colts -Bears Super Bowl. I really think it will be a blow out. Manning will finally shut the idiots who claim he can not win the big game up.

1/13/07 09:44 am - Hattrick

To ensure that this Journal stays active I have decided to once again write about my hattrick soccer team. I am currently in my third season in IV.52. After five games this season I am in fourth with nine points and a +1 goal differential. I switch to winger training near the end of last season and it has gone fairly well. I plan to do this for about two seasons this switch to set pieces training. At that point my team should be fairly well set. This season my goal is to finish fourth or higher and avoid a qualifying game.
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