kevindoris (kevindoris) wrote,

30 for 30

Well I have just see my first episode of ESPN’s 30 for 30. This one dealt with the trade of Wayne Gretzky from Edmonton to L.A. Wayne was the best hockey player to ever play the game and had won form Stanley cups with Edmonton. To call the trade shocking does not do it justice.
The documentary itself was great they talked to the owner of Edmonton , the owner of L.A., the coach of Edmonton Glen Sather, Wayne, His wife, and others. They did a great job setting up what hockey and Wayne meant to Edmonton. Their montage of his moments as a player for the franchise was brilliant. The interviews gave great insight into what each person thought of the trade.
One thing I really liked was I felt it did not take a side. This story seemed to focus only on what had happened in the trade not on if it was a good or bad decision though it might help that except for the Edmonton coach the other main players seemed to accept the trade and both owners said they would not change a thing. This was a well done documentary. All in all a good start for the 30 for 30 series hopefully the other stories will be as good.
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