kevindoris (kevindoris) wrote,

A post for a posts sake.

I wrote recently that I need to make fundamental changes to my lifestyle. Now I need ot figure out what changes I need to make. I am unsatisfied with my life. I have little money I hate my job I am very overweight and I am just not at all happy with myself. One thing I can do is write. I have been wanting to write more for a long time I just for no reason at all have not done it. I have story ideas I want to put down and I want to write thoughts of mine so I will not just forget them. So one lifestyle change I want to make is to start writing. This is a first attempt at it and right now I am writing just to write. But I hope to write something useful soon if to no one else but me. Thought I feel like the act itself is useful to me. I just need to make changes and do different things because what I am doing now is not what I want and is getting me nowhere. I want to like myself again and to do that I need to fix my flaws and accentuate
my positives. Now I just need t o find out what my flaws and positives are.
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