kevindoris (kevindoris) wrote,

Hattrick, Fantasy football, and NFL picks pool

My hattrick team is currently 1st in a division IV with two weeks left in the season. My hold on first however is very tenuous with two teams only two points behind me. In good news they play each other so If I can get an away win and they tie I will have this locked up. Sadly there is no chance for auto promotion so I do not want to use a most as I will need good spirit in my qualifier should I win. However with no guarantee that I will win I may need to use a most just to get a qualifier. I do not know what I am going to do yet I can onlyu hope that somehow I end up in a III next season.

I am off to a great start with both my fantasy football team and my picks pool. In my pool I went 11-5 and am tied for first in Fantasy football I won and was relatively injury free. I even made a good WR pickup. I will keep this journal updated on how things go.
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