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The Office

Three weeks ago I watched an episode of The Office for the first time. I had heard that it was good and so I watched the season 4 premier. I now wonder how I could have missed this show for so long. It is one of the two best episodic comedies ever made (Seinfeld is the other). I have since bought both season 2 and 3 on DVD and have watched them multiple times. I can not stress enough how good of a show this is. Everything about it works. The first episode I saw fun run I have watched 4 times already and I still love it as much now as I did when I watched it the first time. After seeing almost every episode (I have yet to see episode 6 of season 1) I have yet to see an episode I dislike which almost never happens to me. Even Firefly which is my favorite show ever and only lasted 14 episodes has an episode I hate. This show is simply amazing. I even love the romances which often I despise but here they are so well written. So often in shows the romance aspect is a drain on the show that kills all momentum or is so poorly handled that you develop a hatred for the characters involved. A great example is Frasier which badly written romances made absolutely unwatchable for me. I would rather have had Miles and Daphne die then see another romantic interaction between them and Miles was my favorite character. On the office I can not imagine feeling that way towards any character even though the main character is a complete jerk which I usually despise. They somehow make him a jerk and likable at the same time. I have fallen completely in love with this show. I hope it never breaks my heart the way the X-Files did.
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