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10/6/09 11:25 pm - 30 for 30

Well I have just see my first episode of ESPN’s 30 for 30. This one dealt with the trade of Wayne Gretzky from Edmonton to L.A. Wayne was the best hockey player to ever play the game and had won form Stanley cups with Edmonton. To call the trade shocking does not do it justice.
The documentary itself was great they talked to the owner of Edmonton , the owner of L.A., the coach of Edmonton Glen Sather, Wayne, His wife, and others. They did a great job setting up what hockey and Wayne meant to Edmonton. Their montage of his moments as a player for the franchise was brilliant. The interviews gave great insight into what each person thought of the trade.
One thing I really liked was I felt it did not take a side. This story seemed to focus only on what had happened in the trade not on if it was a good or bad decision though it might help that except for the Edmonton coach the other main players seemed to accept the trade and both owners said they would not change a thing. This was a well done documentary. All in all a good start for the 30 for 30 series hopefully the other stories will be as good.

10/3/09 09:34 pm - I want to post more.

I have not been writing nearly as much as I have wanted to I want to do more but find myself not writing for whatever reason. It is strange as I really fell like I should be writing it is something I want o do I feel bad about not doing it. I find myself living In Newton which seems strange to me. I moved a few months ago for a very specific reason that I no longer have so I am just her now not knowing what to do. Indeed it is probably the loss of my initial purpose for living in Newton the led to my current melancholy
state that I fell writing will help with. Still it is not just a current desire I have ideas from at least the Eight grade that still linger in my mind.
I have written snippets of my ideas but nothing more I need to more flush out my ideas. I have a belief that I simply need to write down my stories without any concern if if they are great or terrible. Still I think the fear that they will be terrible is what keeps me form writing in the way I want to and feel that I should. I have let fear like this hold me back for a long time. I am not a teacher because I was not accepted in the teaching program of my college and I simply accepted it. I did not fight for what I had wanted and whatever excuses I had at the time all the matters now is I failed in my goal. If I let it I will always let this fear rule my life and I wither away a lost soul having accomplished nothing of value in a meaningless life. I can not let that happen it would be a horrible insult to my late mother. I will form my snippets into something tangible soon be it good or be it dreadful. I also fell like I need to keep a steady updating of notes . I have never kept a journal but feel like I should one day I think I will really want to know what I was feeling at this moment and writing it down will help that memory. My notes will not always be interesting or cover interesting topics but then they are more for me. Still I hope they manage to entertain some people. I may not be a very good person but I still want to do good things. If you read this thank you I really hope you were not bored.

9/2/09 05:53 pm - A post for a posts sake.

I wrote recently that I need to make fundamental changes to my lifestyle. Now I need ot figure out what changes I need to make. I am unsatisfied with my life. I have little money I hate my job I am very overweight and I am just not at all happy with myself. One thing I can do is write. I have been wanting to write more for a long time I just for no reason at all have not done it. I have story ideas I want to put down and I want to write thoughts of mine so I will not just forget them. So one lifestyle change I want to make is to start writing. This is a first attempt at it and right now I am writing just to write. But I hope to write something useful soon if to no one else but me. Thought I feel like the act itself is useful to me. I just need to make changes and do different things because what I am doing now is not what I want and is getting me nowhere. I want to like myself again and to do that I need to fix my flaws and accentuate
my positives. Now I just need t o find out what my flaws and positives are.

9/12/08 04:46 pm - Hattrick, Fantasy football, and NFL picks pool

My hattrick team is currently 1st in a division IV with two weeks left in the season. My hold on first however is very tenuous with two teams only two points behind me. In good news they play each other so If I can get an away win and they tie I will have this locked up. Sadly there is no chance for auto promotion so I do not want to use a most as I will need good spirit in my qualifier should I win. However with no guarantee that I will win I may need to use a most just to get a qualifier. I do not know what I am going to do yet I can onlyu hope that somehow I end up in a III next season.

I am off to a great start with both my fantasy football team and my picks pool. In my pool I went 11-5 and am tied for first in Fantasy football I won and was relatively injury free. I even made a good WR pickup. I will keep this journal updated on how things go.

7/7/08 07:39 pm

Russell T Davis can write. He proved that with Midnight witch had a good story interesting dialog and did not end with a Deus ex machina. He also shows his skills with the heart rending scene of Donna realizing that she will lose all of her character development. Sadly that is but a small part of the most disappointing New Who season finale yet.
Now it is not the worse that honor goes to the wretched Last of the time lords. This however comes at the end of far and away the best season of New Who. This season was almost a different show from the first three seasons. The doctor had whole episodes in which he was not annoying. His companion actually wanted to travel and did not just hang around hoping to become his lover. IT was amazing to watch and made me think that maybe RTD had learned from his past mistakes and could perhaps for once make at least a halfway decent ending to a season. That the stolen earth was so good led me to hope even more for a satisfactory conclusion. Then Journey's end happened and all my hope was crushed.
The end of Stolen earth was incredibly well done. All hope looked lost for two of our companions and the doctor was regenerating which given that for at least way hear everyone had known that David tennant was signed on through 2010 was beyond shocking. Then at the beginning of Journey's end he simply says just kidding I am not really regenerating. Sarah Jane is saved by the sudden and never explained arrival of Mickey and Jackie and Torchwood is saved by a never mentioned before and likely never mentioned again defense system. In just the first few minutes all the good will built up from The stolen Earth is gone.
Now forget a moment the useless Martha filler in Germany, The doctor expressing shock that the daleks would exterminate his companion, the fact the Sarah Jane escaped Dalak control by calmly walking through a door and that no one but Micky who did the same thing noticed, That Micky and jack seemed like Bffs when none of there very limited previous interactions would have suggested that, Or that Dalak Caan recreated the Dalak empire just to destroy it again for no reason. What killed this episode was that it was resolved by RTD going to what he knows best the deus ex machina. Not only that it was almost the same deus ex machina he used in Parting of the Ways only this time it was the companion and not the Doctor who was forever changed. Hell he even had the Dalak empire destroyed in a single moment again! The fact that I could write again in that sentence is almost enough to make me cry.
Also the doctor spent a whole season pining for Rose and now he drops her off in a different universe with basically a Dr. who sex bot with no explanation and without a second thought. Now season three which was already a travesty seems even worse in retrospect. That is a a sign of a truly disappointing season finale when it makes past seasons seem worse.

I want to bring attention to a hilarious review http://www.behindthesofa.org.uk/journeys_end/ that states that watching Journey's who was like Christmas day. Man Christmas must of sucked in this persons house. I love how the review this is like the five doctors because like there when multiple Doctors met here multiple companions meet. What the reviewer forgot is that multiple companions met in the five doctors too and they stood off to the side and were forgotten because no one cares when companions meet each other except apparently this reviewer.

6/24/08 10:44 pm - New Who season 4

I just finished watching Turn Left which was a competent episode. It has a trick which I hate in that nothing in the episode actually happened (which it the same reason I hated Hero) but it was well made and enjoyable which continues to surprise about season four of New Who. Seasons 1 2 and 3 of New who were notably mainly for how terrible they were. A good episode like Bink happened once in a while but in three season who could count the good episodes on one hand. Then Season 4 happened. Unlike what came before good episode after good episode appeared before. Eve Russel T Davis wrote a very good episode. I have never heard of a tv show this bad suddenly having a season this good. There was absolutely no warning this would happen. The Christmas episode before season 4 was one of the worst episodes of television ever made ,thought it was good for a typical New who episode. Season 4 of new who represents one of the most amazing turnarounds in entertainment history. If Uwe Bowl's next film was Oscar worthy it would not be a shocking as what has happened in season 4.

I wanted to get this out before the finale as New who is famous for painfully bad finales. But even if Season 4 hold true to form it is still far and away the best season of new who ever and no one could see it coming which makes that fact all the more amazing.

10/11/07 10:38 pm - The Office

Three weeks ago I watched an episode of The Office for the first time. I had heard that it was good and so I watched the season 4 premier. I now wonder how I could have missed this show for so long. It is one of the two best episodic comedies ever made (Seinfeld is the other). I have since bought both season 2 and 3 on DVD and have watched them multiple times. I can not stress enough how good of a show this is. Everything about it works. The first episode I saw fun run I have watched 4 times already and I still love it as much now as I did when I watched it the first time. After seeing almost every episode (I have yet to see episode 6 of season 1) I have yet to see an episode I dislike which almost never happens to me. Even Firefly which is my favorite show ever and only lasted 14 episodes has an episode I hate. This show is simply amazing. I even love the romances which often I despise but here they are so well written. So often in shows the romance aspect is a drain on the show that kills all momentum or is so poorly handled that you develop a hatred for the characters involved. A great example is Frasier which badly written romances made absolutely unwatchable for me. I would rather have had Miles and Daphne die then see another romantic interaction between them and Miles was my favorite character. On the office I can not imagine feeling that way towards any character even though the main character is a complete jerk which I usually despise. They somehow make him a jerk and likable at the same time. I have fallen completely in love with this show. I hope it never breaks my heart the way the X-Files did.

8/27/07 07:57 pm - Bank of the West

My bank stole 84 dollars from me. Apparently I was two minutes too late giving them my check and so a purchase I made after I cashed it bounced and they decided to bounce two more purchases just for the heck of it. To make up for this they gave me 28 bucks back and acted like it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done. Warn everyone you know to avoid Bank of the West like the Plague.

8/3/07 02:58 pm - Job

I am now at the Arbys at 21t and Ridge. I have been there almost two weeks now thought I still do not know if this is a permanent location or just another temporary place till they need me somewhere else. I like being at 21st and Ridge it is only a mile and a half from my house and is an easy store to run. Hopefully I will stay there for a while.

8/3/07 02:00 pm - Advance Wars Dual Strike

I finished the normal campaign of Advance Wars Dual Strike and have begun the hard campaign. I still have yet to figure out how to get the DS to connect with out wireless network so I can not play with other people yet. This is a good game but the hard campaign sadly uses the same dialogue as the normal campaign even thought it no longer implies.
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